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About Me

I am a photographer currently based in Boulder, Colorado a recent graduate of the local University having studied fine art photography, technology and media, along with other studio arts. 

But let me be clear that my degree does not define me. My passion for the photographic arts lies in my surrounding, whether it is the mountains, the beautiful souls of my beautiful friends, the things that inspire me and them, and everything in between. 

I have found more recently that my happiest work comes from when I step back and embrace the analog processes of film. I am often shooting with my 35mm Canon TX, but am experimenting with other formats like 120film and polaroid. My new found love is in the alternative processes such as cyanotype and van dyke brown printing. I plan on learning more original photographic processes to step even further back and slow it all down to appreciate every little step rather than a quick click of a shutter. 

Regardless it is all magic, and I want to make it. 

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