Lake Tahoe // March 2017

We decided to take a road trip to Lake Tahoe for Mike’s birthday. Our buddy flew out to Colorado and we hit the road the next morning to Carley’s house in north lake. Seventeen hours ahead of us. 

Our time there was filled with friends, the mountain, and too much booze. We hit the Incline bowling alley for Mike’s birthday and spent many nights lounging around Carley’s castle. Since there was an absurd amount of snow on the ground with banks reaching 15 feet high, we tried to make the best of it one night when our great friend Q and his roommate built a half pipe in the side yard along their house. Their original intention of shoveling the dozen feet of snow from their porch turned into a night of trick attempts (some successes) and laughter. Here is the little bit of film from a just a couple of our nights there. 

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