I finally had the chance to conduct a photoshoot of two beautiful friends in my 1984 Ford Sportscraft RV. We bought the RV last summer and I have been waiting through the winter and a whole bunch of interior fixes to pull off a shoot like this.  

With this shoot I was really hoping to capture the almost romance between Amber and Emily, that comes with the ultimate friendship. They described each other as soulmates. I wanted to explore the absolute closeness of being best friends. 

Not everyone is lucky enough to find someone like that, someone that gets them in all aspects and loves them for exactly who they are and expects nothing more. In many ways I am jealous. There are people in my lives that I love, my closest of friends, but to find another girl that comes close to the relationship I have with my actual partner has not come yet. 

So with the RV being finally ready, and Amber about to move from Colorado to California, this shoot gave us all a sort of complete feeling… where moving on was now okay. 

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