Lake Tahoe // March 2017

We decided to take a road trip to Lake Tahoe for Mike’s birthday. Our buddy flew out to Colorado and we hit the road the next morning to Carley’s house in north lake. Seventeen hours ahead of us. 

Our time there was filled with friends, the mountain, and too much booze. We hit the Incline bowling alley for Mike’s birthday and spent many nights lounging around Carley’s castle. Since there was an absurd amount of snow on the ground with banks reaching 15 feet high, we tried to make the best of it one night when our great friend Q and his roommate built a half pipe in the side yard along their house. Their original intention of shoveling the dozen feet of snow from their porch turned into a night of trick attempts (some successes) and laughter. Here is the little bit of film from a just a couple of our nights there. 

New Years in Maine

For the welcoming of 2017 we decided to haul it up to Kennebunkport Maine to spend a few days in Mike’s vacation home. Perfect and humble. There was no one there. A dead beach town all for ourselves. We picked up a couple hundred bucks worth of fireworks from sparklers to 100 footers. Lots of whiskey, beer, and guys as I was the only girl of seven. Here is the film from our last day of 2016 and first of 2017, exploring the frigid beaches and lighthouses along the coast to Portland. 

Work as a Photo Editor for Blue & Cream

I wanted to share the work I have done as a photo editor for Blue and Cream Boutique in NYC and the Hamptons. Though I may not be taking the photos since they are located across the country, I edit almost every image for their online store along with some out of studio shots for editorial use. I handle both women’s and men’s along with editing accessories and children’s clothes. I have become quite the meticulous editor! 

The Rodchenko Experiment

It started as a completely typical day at school. I was attending my late night art history course on the Russian avant garde. The class often bored me so I wasn’t expecting anything spectacular. It turned out that evening we were going to have visitors to class. Still I was left unamused as they tended to be old guys drawing on about something I probably didn’t care much for. In walked a man I had never met and another who was actually the first photography teacher I had in college. I was very pleased to see him and so suddenly thrilled that we would be addressing photography during this time period. They had come with a few books which were originals from Russia in the 1930s all dedicated to the photographic arts. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Though looking at the images in comparison to the millions on millions of works coming out now a days, these images were something of magic for this day in age and I could feel their power. 

I was particularly drawn to the images of Aleksandr Rodchenko. He is considered one of the first modernist photographers and really expanded photography beyond the portrait or the still life. That day in class changed me forever. It was like nothing I had done before. The way he viewed the world through his lens was so unlike the way I viewed mine. And that is what made it so beautiful. I wanted to try and see my surroundings the way Rodchenko saw his and photograph people and places in a similar style. I embraced unusual angles and places of intersection, forced myself to turn my camera in strange ways and break away from my typical straight horizons. I looked for things in my every day that stood out, patterns, shadows, people, things I had never noticed before. It was exactly what we had learned in class about how we may see the same building every day until we try and see it differently, we suddenly notice it. 

I had shot plenty of documentary style photography throughout my travels and day to day experiences, but I had never really taken the time to see things the way Aleksandr Rodchenko saw them. I challenged myself to take two rolls of black and white film and shoot throughout a regular day, looking hard for things that I would normally disregard, see them and shoot them like I had never seen something so beautiful before. Suddenly all sorts of patterns, shapes, and people became much more than just something I saw from my usual perspective. I felt excited to experience these things in new ways. I wanted to experience the world I saw everyday with new eyes. It concerns me that I may not have used this perspective without knowing such an incredible innovator of the picture, and for that I am forever thankful.


I finally had the chance to conduct a photoshoot of two beautiful friends in my 1984 Ford Sportscraft RV. We bought the RV last summer and I have been waiting through the winter and a whole bunch of interior fixes to pull off a shoot like this.  

With this shoot I was really hoping to capture the almost romance between Amber and Emily, that comes with the ultimate friendship. They described each other as soulmates. I wanted to explore the absolute closeness of being best friends. 

Not everyone is lucky enough to find someone like that, someone that gets them in all aspects and loves them for exactly who they are and expects nothing more. In many ways I am jealous. There are people in my lives that I love, my closest of friends, but to find another girl that comes close to the relationship I have with my actual partner has not come yet. 

So with the RV being finally ready, and Amber about to move from Colorado to California, this shoot gave us all a sort of complete feeling… where moving on was now okay. 

Photoshoot - Vodka and Birthday Cake Blog - Brittany Rowan

I had the chance to work with this total boss lady, Brittany Rowan. She was looking to enhance the photo content on her blog, Vodka and Birthday Cake, and wanted me to capture various styles of hers. We shot three different outfits along with some portraits she could use professionally, and did the entire shoot around her neighborhood in Denver. 

Back East

Visiting our homes on the east coast can always be bittersweet. Leaving Colorado is always a slight bummer but when we get to be with our friends and family there is almost nothing quite like it. A instant feeling of belonging and great times ahead. Our most recent trip back we spent a lot of time at my boyfriend, Mike’s, hometown near Boston. The early summer days were spent messing around on mini dirt bikes, taking trips up to Maine, drinking and smoking, and overall just lots of hanging. I feel so lucky to have become apart of his life and his friends and can’t wait to see them all again. 

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